Statement of Mission and Purpose

To serve our fellow man by using God-given gifts and professional skills in ministering to those who have suffered loss or separation.

To provide services that will give dignity to the life that has been lived, and the memory that remains.

To care for the body of the deceased with all the respect that God's creation is entitled to, and with all the tenderness that we would give our own loved one. We are committed to the constant pursue of excellence in the technical and aesthetic skills which are to be used.

We acknowledge the inherent value of pre-need funeral arrangements, and will encourage the completion of these arrangements in all situations where it would be beneficial.

We are committed to the "wellness" of our community in regards to the appropriate mental hygiene of dying, death, and all the related aspects of bereavement. This will be accomplished through support groups, seminars, community education programs, and the establishment of a caregivers' support network.

We dedicate ourselves to the care of the surviving family members by facilitating grief recovery through a planned and organized post-funeral program. This will be accomplished through individual personal contacts, and making available quality resource materials.

We view ourselves as being called to funeral service and the facilitation of grief recovery as a God-given ministry, and therefore intentionally place ourselves in His hands, for His glory.

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Owens Funeral Home
412 N Harrison St.
Alexandria, IN 46001
phone: 765.724.4411
fax: 765.724.4412
Noffze Funeral Home
501 North Harrison Street
Alexandria, IN 46001
phone: 765.724.4488
fax: 765.724-4602
Owens-Noffze Funeral Home
1009 Walnut Street
Summitville, IN 46070
phone: 765.536.2727
Park View Cemetery
1101 Park Avenue
PO Box 232
Alexandria, IN 46001
phone: 765.724.1103