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Michael W. Owens, CFSP
Funeral Director, Owner

Caring for the living while caring for their dead...
An honorable profession that has evolved down through the ages. What more of a sacred honor could be given to me than to be entrusted with the care of someone's most precious possession? My motivation for service to my fellow man is as follows:
  1. God has to me given gifts of compassion and sensitivity. I believe that He has placed me in funeral service as a form of ministry to the brokenhearted. We are all His creation and caring for the earthly remains of our brother man honors the Creator, and shows respect for the Creation.
  2. As the 3rd owner of our firm since 1926, I am overwhelmed by the heritage that my predecessors have left for me in this community. Our care is simply based: Friends caring for one another as a trusted friend would be expected to...
  3. The quality of our heritage from the past, allows us to commit ourselves to the future. We are dedicated to this community and the residents who live here. We want to be a good neighbor in all exposures of life and living. We may cheer with you at a ball game, laugh with you at a play, share with you over chicken and noodles or hold your hand as you say goodbye to a loved one. It is our is our privilege. This is truly our mission and our purpose.

Connie Owens RN, BSN, CT
Certified Grief Counselor, Owner

As a nurse who married a small town funeral director, I was soon made aware of the needs of grieving people. It became apparent that support and care were necessary long beyond the funeral service. My natural compassion skills and sensitivity served me well as I began to work with my husband in funeral service.

Through the years I have received extensive training and education to equip me in helping grieving persons in the difficult days, weeks and months following a loss. From working in the elementary schools with young children through support groups for adults, I have learned that the need for this "ministry of comfort" is vital for hurting people of all ages.

I believe that all personal losses, including death must be grieved in a healthy manner.

The support I offer through personal contact, quality resources, my writings, and support groups can help guide bereaved persons on this most difficult journey of healing.

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